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    Date: May 25, 2024
    Posted By: New Room


Landry Warnez reached a new peak earlier this month, proudly holding the Saskatchewan flag after climbing to the top of Mount Everest.

The climb itself is an iconic one. It has features you wont find on other mountains, he said.

Warnez made it to the summit of Mount Everest on May 12 at 5:30 a.m.

He said it’s a trek he had been conditioning for since he started getting into climbing.

My parents had us going back and forth to the mountains, the Rockies, so growing up, I was in the mountains quite frequently, he said.

During a prior trip to Nepal, Warnez said that’s when he made the decision to climb the mountain.

I had trekked from Lukla, a small village in the mountains, all the way to Everest base camp and then you’re standing there looking up at the mountain and it inspires a sense of adventure and challenge and I knew at that point I wanted to do it, he said.

He left for Nepal on March 29 and the journey to the top began May 8.

He completed partial climbs of Mount Everest before the push to the summit.

You cant go all the way up youre first time. Your body has to get used to the altitude. So you do one rotation about halfway up the mountain to camp three and then you come down, he said.

At times, he said the conditions were treacherous.

From camp four to the summit, like I said the conditions were not great, it was blizzarding. You leave at 8 p.m., so its pitch black for a majority of the climb, he said.

He said oxygen would deplete, making the climb even harder.

You are using supplemental oxygen that you carry with you, so youre not completely exposed to the low oxygen conditions, but its still pretty tough, he said.

Warnez said he hopes to climb Mount Robson next, one of the most prominent summits in the Canadian Rockies. 


    Date: May 25, 2024
    Posted By: New Room


The family of one of the victims of the Humboldt Broncos bus crash in 2018 says they are thankful for a decision by a Calgary immigration board to deport the driver of the truck involved.

On Friday morning, the Immigration and Refugee Board in Calgary decided that Jaskirat Singh Sidhu  would be deported.

Toby Boulet, the father of Logan Boulet, one of the victims of the Saskatchewan fatal crash, shared his relief over the decision on Friday morning.

Bernadine and I are thankful for the decision today as we continue to believe that Mr. Sidhu should be deported from Canada, he said.

We are prepared to remain diligent in this belief even as Mr. Sidhu may launch further appeals.

Ryan Straschnitzki, one of the Humboldt Broncos players who survived the crash, said he holds no negative emotions toward Sidhu or his family.

It’s kind of out of my hands it’s not really my responsibility but obviously you want the best for someone, and the best for a human, he told CTV News in an interview on Friday.

I can’t speak on behalf of anyone else but I’m hoping that from human to human, I hope everything works out and they can find happiness.

On April 6, 2018, a bus carrying the Humboldt Broncos junior hockey team collided with a transport truck on a rural highway 200 kilometres northeast of Saskatoon.

The team was on its way to play a game against the Nipawin Hawks.

Fourteen people were pronounced dead at the scene and 14 others were taken to hospital.

Two of the injured victims died in hospital.

It was found that Sidhu, who was behind the wheel of the truck involved, ran a stop sign and collided with the bus.

He was sentenced to eight years after pleading guilty to dangerous driving causing death and bodily harm.

On July 21, 2022, he was granted day parole, which allowed him to leave jail on the understanding he would come back at the end of each day. Last year, Sidhu was granted full parole.

The Canada Border Services Agency recommended deportation and Fridays decision could move that ahead for the truck driver, who is a permanent resident but not a Canadian citizen.

Sidhus lawyer Michael Greene did not contest the decision, but told reporters that a pre-removal risk assessment needs to be completed before a deportation can take place.

Sidhu also has the right to a deferral on the order until his permanent resident status is considered.

Green said that whole process could take months or years.


    Date: May 25, 2024
    Posted By: New Room


An investigation us underway after RCMP say human remains were found in the town of Canora about 50 kilometres north of Yorkton.

RCMP said it received a report of the remains which were located on Railway Avenue on Wednesday around 2:45 p.m.

Police say they have not identified the deceased individual yet, adding they do not believe the death is suspicious.

The investigation is ongoing and RCMP said more information will be provided as soon as it becomes available.

RCMP said investigators have notified families of individuals who were previously reported missing and not found.

Anyone with information is asked to call Canora RCMP or Crime Stoppers.


    Date: May 25, 2024
    Posted By: New Room


Yorkton Fire Protective Services is asking the public to have some compassion when taking photos and videos during the aftermath of accidents.

We do understand in a sense that people are curious about whats happening in their community and they want to know whats going on,” Fire Chief Trevor Morrissey expressed.

“The problem that it poses is that curiosity sometimes gets in the way of the movement of emergency vehicles, it gets in the way of the investigation as to what happened, and into the care for the people involved.

Morrissey’s comments come after a collision between a car and an SUV on May 20 at the intersection of Lincoln Avenue and Broadway Street in Yorkton. 

Yorkton RCMP reported that the driver of the car was taking to the hospital with injuries described as non-life threatening, and the two passengers in the car were taken to hospital with injuries described as serious in nature.

However, while Emergency Medical Services (EMS) were responding, people were allegedly taking photos of the scene and posting on social media.

“Sometimes pictures get out, and family members are finding out about incidents in the most inappropriate ways,” Morrissey said sympathetically.

“They are sitting having a coffee at home when someone posts something on social media and it’s their child. When people see a vehicle that’s all they see, they see a colour of a vehicle and instantly a lot of people are wondering is that my son, daughter, because it’s a blue truck which inundates call centres, it inundates our service, the RCMP. It brings people to the scene that don’t need to be there.”

Morrissey added the overcrowding at a scene impacts the quality of care EMS workers provide to people impacted.

“That itself causes us a lot of problems, it causes us to not effectively deal with what’s going on because we’re trying to keep people back,” he said.

“We have a duty to protect people’s privacy, and that’s when they’re at their most vulnerable state.”

Yet, Morrisey is not the only one to comment on the matter. Yorkton RCMP said posting scenes of a vehicle accident online can interfere with the police’s Next of Kin responsibilities, along with their investigations.

Social media can explode as weve seen, people can make this is what happened, this is what happened, we dont know that right away,” explained Sgt. Burton Jones of Yorkton RCMP.

“Sometimes the police investigation does take time and we always do follow up with a media release of where its been, where its going, so when people put stuff online like that really quickly it of course hinders our investigation,” he added.

“If there’s fatalities involved, someone’s passed away as a result of the accident, if someone takes a picture and posts it on social media, it really prohibits the police from doing their job. One of our jobs is to do a Next of Kin notification where we go to visit the family in person with support.”

In some cases, people can be held liable for the footage they post online of vehicle collisions, Jones added.

“Another part of it is if there are people coming and moving barricades trying to get into the scene we’re working on, there are implications there under the Criminal Code for obstruction because there’s an active investigation,” he explained.

“If people are filming, they have to realize that might be used as evidence. If the police do capture that, we might need the photographs, we might need the evidence so potentially a cellphone could be seized or a camera as part of the investigation.”

Jones recommended people call 310-7267 (RCMP) if they are concerned a loved one has been impacted during a crash.

“The biggest thing is patience, you just have to wait and let the RCMP, let the police do their investigation they need to do,” Jones said.

“If it has to do with a loved one of yours, youll be contacted as soon as we possibly can, we’ll have someone contact you and tell you the circumstances behind it. The only thing we can ask for is people to be patient and wait for the police to call.” 


    Date: May 25, 2024
    Posted By: New Room


Sask. Party member Jeremy Harrison says he will resign as Government House Leader, revealing he brought a gun into the legislative building a decade ago.

Harrison announced his resignation on Friday following allegations from legislative Speaker Randy Weekes  that referenced the firearm.

Harrison said he did not bring a gun to the Legislative Chamber or anywhere in the legislative building during the period Weekes claimed he did. However, he did confirm that about a decade ago he brought one onto the property while going on a hunting trip.

“Approximately a decade ago, I was going hunting on a weekend. I stopped at the Legislative Building for a short period of time and brought a properly cased long gun into the building with the knowledge of security officials so as to not leave it unattended in my vehicle in the parking lot. In retrospect, I should not have done this,” Harrison said in a statement released on Friday.

Harrison also apologized for what he called a lapse in judgment and for not advising the premier at the time of his actions.

He added that current Premier Scott Moe has accepted his resignation as Government House Leader.

The provincial opposition doesnt accept that explanation and called for Harrison to quit completely. 

“It’s now clear that Premier Scott Moe lied to the people of Saskatchewan. Either that or his minister lied to the people of Saskatchewan and if that’s the case, that minister needs to be booted from caucus,” NDP Leader Carla Beck said on Friday. 

Harrison said all the other things that the Speaker said about him are not true.  Harrison will remain the MLA for Meadow Lake as well as the minister of trade export development, immigration and career training, Innovation Saskatchewan and Tourism Saskatchewan.


    Date: May 25, 2024
    Posted By: New Room


A man is dead and three others are in hospital after a flying wheel crashed into a coach bus on the QEW in St. Catharines Friday afternoon.

It happened on the Toronto-bound lanes of the highway on the descending side of the Garden City Skyway bridge shortly after 3:30 p.m.

Ontario Provincial Police said a van was travelling on the Toronto-bound lanes when one of its wheels came off.

The wheel, police said, hit a pickup truck in the opposite lane before smashing through the windshield of the Toronto-bound bus. Images from Chopper24 show a tour bus with its windshield shattered and a minivan with a missing front wheel.

A 48-year-old bus passenger from Toronto was pronounced dead at the scene, police said. Three other passengers were transported to local area hospitals with serious injuries.

It is unclear how many passengers were on the bus during the incident.

All Toronto-bound lanes of the QEW at Glendale Avenue have been closed for hours due to the collision. Police said the highway was expected to reopen by 11 p.m.


    Date: May 25, 2024
    Posted By: New Room


The Transportation Safety Board of Canada has confirmed it is working with local Mounties and the BC Coroners Service after a plane crash near Squamish, B.C. Friday night.

The TSB said it has not been deployed to the scene yet, and referred questions about the incident to Squamish RCMP.

BC Emergency Health Services also referred questions about the incident to local police.

In a statement Saturday afternoon, Squamish RCMP said they have received a report of the crash in a remote area and are working with partner agencies to advance the investigation.

Police said they received an automatic crash notification from a smartphone Friday evening, adding that the location of the phone was in a remote area on the outskirts of Squamish, B.C.

Search and rescue crews, along with the Canadian Forces Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre in Victoria, have been called in to help advance the investigation, police said.

Due to the challenges of accessing the remote location, police are not yet able to confirm any details regarding the crash, the statement reads. No further information will be provided at this time.

Asked about its response, the JRCC told CTV News it was informed of an overdue private aircraft shortly before 6:30 p.m.

The location given was 20 nautical miles north of Vancouver, the JRCC said, adding that it had tasked a CH-149 Cormorant helicopter and a CC-130 Hercules plane from 442 Transport and Rescue Squadron in Comox to search for the small aircraft.

The search was focused on Mount Ellesmere and its surrounding area, according to the JRCC.

Mount Ellesmere is located on the west side of Howe Sound, roughly 10 kilometers southwest of downtown Squamish.

Shortly after they were dispatched Friday night, the Cormorant and Hercules returned to base due to increasingly challenging weather conditions, the JRCC said, adding that, on Saturday, the RCMP informed it that its resources were no longer needed.

The TSB is tasked with investigating civil aviation incidents, including crashes, that occur in Canadian airspace. It conducts independent investigations and publishes reports identifying the factors that contributed to each incident, as well as any safety deficiencies that need to be addressed.


    Date: May 25, 2024
    Posted By: New Room


Three people have died after a vehicle veered off the road in Shediac N.B., Friday morning.

RCMP said they responded to a report of a single-vehicle crash on Highway 132 near Shediac around 7:00 a.m.

According to a news release, police believed the crash occurred when the driver veered off the road and plunged down a 100-foot embankment, landing on its roof.

RCMP said the driver and two other occupants of the vehicle died at the scene as a result of their injuries. They have been identified as a 54-year-old man from Indian Island First Nation, N.B., a 51-year-old man from Upper Rexton, N.B., and a 25-year-old woman from Halifax, N.S.

Members of the Shediac Fire Department and Ambulance New Brunswick attended the scene and an RCMP collision reconstructionist is also assisting with the investigation, said police.

An autopsy is scheduled to determine the drivers exact cause of death.

The investigation is ongoing.


    Date: Oct 06, 2023
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    Date: Oct 06, 2023
    Posted By: VIP Club


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    Date: Aug 28, 2023
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    Date: Jan 28, 2024
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